Start planning your Fall planting now

What? Why am I writing about Fall now? It’s Spring and our gardens are bursting with renewed life! Well, some buds and blooms and foliage won’t be around in the Fall and that’s when it’s time to plant … BULBS! Most plants grown from bulbs will not be visible above ground come Fall. Daffodils are among my favorite flowers grown from bulbs. There are over 13,000 different daffodil varieties available AND…they’re deer proof! Deer won’t touch them! So, if you already have daffodils, take a look at where they are and where you would like to add more. Place stakes or flags to mark the area of planting come Fall. If you’re so inclined, make a note of the color of the existing daffodils (or take a photo of them to refer to later) and note what types you would like to add. Also, don’t cut off the leaves after the bloom has faded. The bulb is gathering energy from those leaves for next year’s blooms. So, let them die back naturally.

In the photo above, there are daffodils in the foreground and up to the right. I have placed “flags” (hard to see in the photo) about 1 foot away to the left of the daffodils. The hydrangea (leaves just emerging) and Viburnum will still be there in the Fall so they will be the other marker for Fall planting. I will plan on 100 +/- daffodil bulbs to be planted in this area. (I will probably write planting later, but there is a wonderful invention that makes planting bulbs a breeze. There are dirt auger drill bits that connect to ones power drill. They can be purchased online or inquire where one purchases plants.)


2 thoughts on “Start planning your Fall planting now

  1. Such a good idea to share with people! I make spots for my daffs every year because once they die back you have no idea where there are in your garden! I’ve dug up too many bulbs before not remembering where they are located!

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    1. Me too! I think out let out an audible groan when I’m digging and find I have sliced one in two. It’s this time of year that we get so excited about new growth, I cannot have enough daffodils!


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