Helpful Kitchen tips I have learned over the years

This is a page that I will continue to update as I find things worthy of sharing. These are simply things that I have found to work (or avoid) around the kitchen. I hope you find them helpful.

Cutting Boards – I have a variety of “boards” in my kitchen cabinets for a variety of uses. I always store them upright for easier access as well as air flow (if slightly damp from washing).
Wooden ones – used for carving cooked meats like Standing Rib Roast or a whole Beef Tenderloin. It’s nice if there is a “well” around the perimeter to catch any juices.

Plastic cutting boards/sheets – These are my “go to” cutting surfaces because they are dishwasher safe which makes clean-up super easy.

Marble slab – I have one big slab of marble that is very handy when making pastry. I don’t use it often, because it is so heavy and cumbersome. However, it truly makes for easier preparation of doughs.

Keeping knives sharp – Stone countertops continue to be the trend in kitchens these days. However, they are not good for the sharpness longevity of ones knives. If you have a wooden countertop in your kitchen, try to do most of your cutting on that – on a cutting board. If your whole kitchen is stone – granite, quartzite, silestone limestone etc. be sure to use a thicker cutting board for chopping tasks as it will absorb more of the pressure from the knife, thereby, keeping it from dulling quickly.
On wood surfaces, I really like to use plastic cutting sheets.
When cutting on my granite countertops, I use cutting boards like these.


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